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Posted By:   on Nov 18 2013

Source: ColumbiaBusiness At the BRITE ’13 conference, Kaaren Hanson, Vice President of Design Innovation, Intuit, talks about how to build successful innovative campaigns in your company by empowering employees at all levels to run fast, cheap experiments, and challenging them [...]

Posted By:   on Nov 04 2013

Source: ColumbiaBusiness Columbia Business School’s curriculum is constantly evolving to meet the changing demands of business. Through our core courses, we develop students into leaders with an entrepreneurial mindset. They learn an invaluable set of skills essential to recognizing opportunities [...]

Posted By:   on Oct 17 2013

Source: Wharton School Stewart Friedman, Practice Professor of Management, spoke to alumni in San Francisco as part of the Wharton Knowledge for Action Lifelong Learning tour.

Posted By:   on Oct 11 2013

Source: Stanford Graduate School of Business As traditional barriers to scale erode, product life cycles compress, and the costs of starting a business fall, the opportunities for entrepreneurship have expanded. Steve Blank, the author of “Four Steps to the Ephiphany” [...]