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Posted By:   on Jul 30 2013

Source: Fast Company OpenROV: A Personal Submarine For Your Underwater Missions This cheap, crowdsourced submersible has recently begun taking maiden voyages in the world’s oceans, opening up the world of marine exploration to anyone with curiosity about what’s happening underwater.

Posted By:   on Jul 29 2013

Source: The Huffington Post A massive rent increase is threatening the future of a New York’s iconic restaurant The Four Seasons, a sprawling, opulently furnished five-star eatery in midtown Manhattan whose very name is synonymous with the phrase “power lunch.” [...]

Posted By:   on Jul 24 2013

Source: Entrepreneur If you’re confused about whether your business needs an app or a website (or both), you should know the difference between the two, says Mobile Roadie CEO Michael Schneider. For starters, apps offer push notifications, which can allow [...]

Posted By:   on Jul 23 2013

Source: The Huffington Post Late-night is not the only thing moving to New York City; the latest census concludes that for the first time in 50 years, more people are moving to NYC than moving out. The population of the [...]